HUEN 3350: Odyssey of the Greek Mind
Achilles and other warriors in Homer's Iliad promoted physical excellence and nobility of character. The Olympic Games, professional sports circuits, and training in hand-to-hand combat also promoted physical excellence in the ancient Greek world. Correspondingly, Greek sculpture produced idealized versions of muscular humans and gods. In their pursuit of intellectual excellence, the Greeks made spectacular progress in fields ranging from architecture, to philosophy, sociology and psychology. Through a variety of texts and digital slides we will address these and other expressions of Greek idealism and the quest for excellence that helped to lay the foundations of western civilization.

Further, through films and guest speakers we will consider some ways in which this idealism remains vital. After watching Helicopter Heroes of Vietnam, we will have USMC Colonel Dick Rosser (featured in the film) as a guest speaker and modern analog to the ancient warrior and his adherence to the heroic code. Colonel Rosser flew 840 combat missions during the Vietnam War and was the only marine in the entire conflict to receive two Silver Stars. After viewing the film Apollo 13, we will discuss the Apollo moon landings, the Hubble Space Telescope, and other aspects of space exploration with Joe Tanner, one of the most experienced astronauts in history and a current member of CUs Aerospace Engineering Sciences department.